Wishing you a Healthy Happy New Year in 2018

Dear Community,

Blessings on a great year in 2018!

​​Here are my 5 wishes for you inspired by the 5 elements of Chinese medicine:

Water Wish: May you rest, sleep, relax, restore, and connect with your purpose, your creativity, your ability to reflect, find insight and a bigger viewpoint.

Wood Wish: May you manifest your plans, grow in the areas you are not strong, live a clean life, and physically be in movement daily.

Fire Wish: May you be guided by an inspired vision for your life, be surrounded by loving, nurturing and supportive relationships, feel love, joy, peacefulness and contentment often!

Earth Wish: May you feel grounded, connected to the earth, eat healthy foods, establish and maintain healthy daily rhythms and routines, and hold healthy boundaries.

Metal Wish: May you prosper and be successful, give and receive, simplify your life, let go and breathe.

I look forward to being in touch and being of service to you!

Johanna Altgelt Granger
Acupuncturist and Herbalist
Classical Chinese Medicine for Adults and Children