Lifestyle Assessment

Lifestyle Assessment

The essence of health through Chinese medicine is in how we live. Our lives are all so very unique. Each person is completely individual. One person’s balance is not the next persons. Yet the elements of a healthy, balanced life in Chinese medicine are quite universal. Correlations are drawn between life themes and our physical organs in Classical Chinese medicine. For example, having an inspired vision for your life, being surrounded by loving, nurturing and supportive relationships, feeling love, joy, and contentment are important elements of life, that relate to the heart in Chinese medicine. Feeling grounded, connected to the earth, eating healthy foods, establishing and maintaining healthy daily rhythms and routines, and holding healthy boundaries are themes that relate to the spleen. Having a healthy financial life, giving and receiving, simplicity, letting go and breathing in Chinese medicine are themes of the lungs. Staying hydrated, rest, sleep, relaxation, connection with your purpose, your creativity, your ability to reflect, find insight and a bigger viewpoint, are connected with the Kidney. Manifesting your plans, growing in the areas you are not strong, living a clean life, and physically being in movement daily are related to the liver. To simplify these themes down to just the physical elements, we need relationships, we need good food, we need to breathe clean air, we need to stay hydrated and get good sleep, and we need movement more than we need acupuncture or herbs.

Making decisions about what life style changes will be most effective to improve health is one of the gifts of Chinese medicine diagnosis. By reading the pulses, examining the tongue and additional methods of diagnosis, a great deal of insight into can be gained. It is helpful to know which area to focus on for maximum impact with a challenging health condition. We each have strengths and weaknesses and Chinese medicine is excellent for identifying, correcting and preventing imbalances.

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When a particular life style change needs to be made that requires more focused attention and skill from another professional, Johanna really enjoys making referrals and collaborating. For example, if exercise is a significant issue, it’s helpful to bring in a personal trainer. If there are psychological stresses, a therapist or coach is suggested. When diet needs a significant overhaul, nutritional therapy will be referred, etc. Johanna loves to be a resource for finding good people to work with.

 Sometimes clients who are interested in holistic healing overlook the benefits of western medicine, which can at times deliver fast and effective results. Johanna believes medicine shouldn’t be isolated to the western medicine camp, vs the holistic medicine camp by practitioners or patients. There should just be good integrative medicine, with proper and judicious use of any therapy that will deliver good health outcomes.