Johanna’s Art

Study of Chinese Art

Johanna attended Waldorf schools since kindergarten, where the education is very artistically inspired and aesthetically oriented, giving her a good foundation to work from. At Colorado College Johanna studied Chinese Calligraphy with Harrison Tu, and put on an art show of her work in 2004. In 2005 while living in China she undertook a year-long study of Chinese painting with internationally and nationally recognized artists Zheng Bai Zhong and Lin Zi Ben, in their home studios. She primarily uses Chinese materials, and then blends design concepts of the Chinese and western traditions.

Custom Art

Johanna creates custom art work, or logo concepts in a co-creative process with her clients from conception through the final painting. Clients can introduce a concept, then Johanna or the client can gather images (photos, paintings etc) to discuss, refine, clarify and narrow down the direction. Johanna makes some sketches, and afterwards paints the final image. This gives each client ample opportunity for redirection if desired. For logo work, a graphic designer is brought in alongside Johanna’s paintings to create the digital image.

Greeting Cards

Johanna has a line of 8 greeting cards, below are the images. They are available for $4.00 per card or all eight cards for $25.00