Since Covid 19, I offer telemedicine appointments

Here are some of the things I love about providing telemedicine.

Nobody needs to drive anywhere; we can meet wherever you have a phone or computer and you are in a space where you are comfortable. We are helping the environment and improving air quality by staying home.

Clients are learning new skills in taking care of and treating themselves. Clients learn point locations and some are even learning pulse diagnosis with guidance from me. It’s easier than most people think!

I use a HIPPA compliant Telemedicine video platform, so we can feel secure about sharing sensitive information.

During Telemedicine appointments we review current health concerns. We discuss life style changes that can help (nutrition, exercise, sleep habits etc.), make a plan for use of herbs and supplements, acupressure points, and guidance in applying extremely easy to use press needles. The personalized points can be shown via video, or I can send a document with images of point locations.

$25 for each ½ hour