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Johanna is an excellent Chinese medicine and acupuncture practitioner and I am deeply grateful for all the ways she has helped me over the years. I have relied on her treatments and herb/supplement recommendations to address a wide variety of issues. Recently, due to COVID-19 social distancing, we had our first video session. The treatment was very comprehensive and effective and I am delighted to be able to work with Johanna remotely.


Karen L.

Johanna’s Acupuncture is a healing ministry which brings a quality of uncommon reverence, meticulous care extended with boundless generosity and highly accomplished mastery to healing a wide range of conditions at their core.


Emily K. Marin CA

Your work with me six years ago on Peri-menopausal hot flashes and sleeplessness stands our as the best alternative medicine I’ve received. I continue to hold practitioners to the standard I encountered in you, Johanna: the best!


Shannon Ray, Boulder CO

Johanna is incredible at listening and taking time to process issues prior to treatment, follow through and treatment are therefore appropriate and effective. On top of that she’s lovely to work with and great with kids as well.


Chatherine T. San Rafael, CA

Johanna Altgelt Granger is a supremely qualified care giver.  She goes out of her way to listen and research all the possible approaches to what ails you.  Always refreshed and relaxed after our acupuncture sessions, I am so glad I found her so soon after moving to Marin.  An unqualified yes to “should I go?”


Sherri P. Marin CA

My daughter Marisa, since birth, experienced very tough allergy symptoms. I heard that acupuncture can help. With the help of Johanna we have had been able to put an end to a constant stuffed nose.  I cannot even express how much Johanna’s work has helped our family with this challenge. My daughter now only needs to see Johanna for a spring check.


Bob G. Stage 4 metastatic cancer survivor

While undergoing treatment for cancer in 2010 and 2011 I received multiple weekly acupuncture treatments from Johanna to relieve the many side effects of radiation and chemotherapy as well as cancer itself.  Johanna’s gentle acupuncture offered much needed rest and healing from  fatigue, loss of appetite, dry-mouth, nausea, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, radiation burn pain, chemo caused digestion issues and insomnia. All of the symptoms were noticeably reduced or even completely resolved. Each session was also a much needed time of quietness and relaxation as the stresses of cancer and cancer treatment were heavy and ongoing.

As each session began with a time of discussion, examination and evaluation I always felt heard and well cared for. Not once did I feel rushed or as if there were any hurry to finish up with me and get on to the next patient; in stark contrast to all of my experiences with the conventional medical system. As I could not always anticipate what symptoms might suddenly appear it was so nice to find someone that I could rely on to make me a priority even on short notice. In Johanna I found a true ally in my battle with all my health providers. It would not be an overstatement to say that without Johanna I might not still be alive. I will always be filled with great quantities of gratitude for Johanna’s care and would and do recommend her to anyone that could use improvement in their health and well-being; especially for relief of cancer related issues.


Doris Schuler Israel

I have seen Johanna for the past two years and I highly recommend her services. She is an exquisite acupuncturist and has helped me overcome various complex health issues that I encountered after a car accident. Not only is she very knowledgeable in treating specific ailments, she is also a kindhearted person, an excellent listener and uses a holistic approach. Before I saw her, I was falling apart and now I feel whole again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wisdom and support on my healing path.

PS My husband Rich also had beneficial results under Johanna’s care.


Sean Burke

Johanna is very good. I highly recommend her. You feel a difference after every appointment


Dorothea A.

Johanna has been treating me over the last three years. I am a teacher, which is a profession that inherently requires a lot of energy. I have benefited greatly by the use of the herbs she prescribed to me, as well as the occasional acupuncture. In addition, she has offered insightful advice in regards to my personal, as well as my professional life through the lens of Chinese medicine.

I also gained new insights into the underlying causes of learning challenges. I am always looking to improve the way a student is supported, and I found another way to do that, namely through acupuncture and Chinese medicine!!

I highly recommend working with Johanna! She is very knowledgeable, listens deeply, and develops a comprehensive treatment plan that is informed by her understanding as well as her intuitive capacities.


Katharina K.

I highly recommend Johanna as YOUR acupuncturist! Johanna is knowledgeable, thoughtful, and looks at the big picture. Her comprehensive approach to health and well-being supports not only the issue she treats you for, but enhances all areas of your life. She has been treating me for several years now and is supporting me on many levels. You can feel assured that Johanna will take great care of you and help you achieve your goals!

Megan Wilson

Johanna was able to share a larger viewpoint around various health experiences I was having via her extensive understanding of Chinese medicine. This broader perspective, coupled with uniquely restorative acupuncture treatments has provided a support for my body that has been SO helpful and wonderful!


Zvi Epner

Johanna is so peaceful and wonderful. She immediately senses what you need healed and guides you through a wonderful experience.


Amanda Barrientez

I went to see Johanna for recurring insomnia and overall well-being. Our initial session was IN DEPTH and far exceeded my expectations. She provided me with information, acupuncture and herbs that helped me to be more balanced emotionally and energetically. Her insights and expertise are profound! Between our appointments, I went weeks without insomnia, which hasn’t happened to me in years. I was SO grateful for her services that I brought my daughter for immune boosting and Johanna has helped her to sleep better, get sick less often and balance her emotional well-being. If you’re looking for a caring, knowledgeable, intuitive acupuncturist – schedule an appointment. You will be in expert hands!


Sarah A

I have seen a number of Chinese medicine/acupuncturists, and have found them to be moderately helpful with the various things I have seen them for, but Johanna has changed my opinion on the efficacy of both the herbs and acupuncture. First, when I go to see someone, I am usually not doing very well; you see I was terrified of needles, so I only went when I really needed to! But Johanna helped me to overcome that fear, mostly because she uses ‘tacks’ on me, and they don’t look or really feel like needles (though they actually are very tiny needles)!
I was miserable during my first pregnancy (I didn’t see anyone), and almost as bad for my second, I saw a very nice acupuncturist. He would give me my treatment and I would feel better for an hour or two, but then I’d be back to misery both nauseous and trying to cope with my emotional rollercoaster. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was super fortunate to work with Johanna! I saw her once a week. She gave me acupuncture tacks which can stay in for days, and the results were amazing!!! I was a lot less nauseous, and my mood was stable! She now has me taking herbs which have made me a much healthier and happier person overall! My whole family is grateful!
I would highly recommend you give her a try! If she can’t help you, she’ll let you know, and probably give you a recommendation for a new direction/treatment option to try.


Jamie York

I have had acupuncture from many different practitioners, but I have found Johanna’s treatment most effective. And she is just 10 minutes from Boulder. I had an issue with my arm, and tried many different treatments, but Johanna’s treatment did the trick!

Heather McMillin

Johanna’s acupuncture is exactly the dose and specificity I need. I’ve been to a few other acupuncturists but Johanna’s is much more precise to what my body needs to regain balance. Whether I need some help calming an overactive mind, relaxing my shoulders, or balancing out a long going organ issue, I always find her treatments effective. Her presence and therapy space is very calm and inviting of healing. I’ve fallen so deep asleep before that I thought I was at home in bed while I had needles in me! I highly recommend Johanna, even if you’re afraid of getting needled. She can be very gentle.

Peter Weigle

Johanna has a special way about her and the work she’s doing is so personally design for the individual. She is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicines and wonderfully skilled at Acupuncture. Thank you, Johanna for skills in healing! It’s great being around you!

Katie Wise

Johanna is way more than your average acupuncturist. She is a healer, and a deeply intuitive person. Her knowledge of nutrition, life balance and seasonal rhythms, and Waldorf principles seem to also aid in her ability to be present and patient with the healing process. I have never in my life felt as grounded as I do during and after sessions with her. She also seems to have an ability to see beyond the body’s needs and into the soul. I highly recommend her as a skilled, patient, and effective acupuncturist.

Cynthia Hutchison

Johanna has been my acupuncturist over two years. Not only is she extremely knowledgeable in Chinese Medicine and holistic healing, she is very professional, kind and heart-centered. Her ability to hold therapeutic presence supports me in feeling safe and cared for. I trust my body-mind-spirit care to her completely and I have referred others to her as well.

Ben Keller

Johanna is amazing! I started as a “doubter” but am now a 100% believer in the benefits of acupuncture! She is patient, gentle, and very invested in my complete health. Her knowledge is incredible and her commitment to understanding the intricacies of my health sets her apart! I recommend Johanna to anyone considering or even those who doubt the effectiveness of acupuncture! You will be so happy you gave her the opportunity!


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