Sarah A

I have seen a number of Chinese medicine/acupuncturists, and have found them to be moderately helpful with the various things I have seen them for, but Johanna has changed my opinion on the efficacy of both the herbs and acupuncture. First, when I go to see someone, I am usually not doing very well; you see I was terrified of needles, so I only went when I really needed to! But Johanna helped me to overcome that fear, mostly because she uses ‘tacks’ on me, and they don’t look or really feel like needles (though they actually are very tiny needles)!
I was miserable during my first pregnancy (I didn’t see anyone), and almost as bad for my second, I saw a very nice acupuncturist. He would give me my treatment and I would feel better for an hour or two, but then I’d be back to misery both nauseous and trying to cope with my emotional rollercoaster. When I was pregnant with my 3rd, I was super fortunate to work with Johanna! I saw her once a week. She gave me acupuncture tacks which can stay in for days, and the results were amazing!!! I was a lot less nauseous, and my mood was stable! She now has me taking herbs which have made me a much healthier and happier person overall! My whole family is grateful!
I would highly recommend you give her a try! If she can’t help you, she’ll let you know, and probably give you a recommendation for a new direction/treatment option to try.