Bob G. Stage 4 metastatic cancer survivor

While undergoing treatment for cancer in 2010 and 2011 I received multiple weekly acupuncture treatments from Johanna to relieve the many side effects of radiation and chemotherapy as well as cancer itself.  Johanna’s gentle acupuncture offered much needed rest and healing from  fatigue, loss of appetite, dry-mouth, nausea, muscle and joint pain, anxiety, radiation burn pain, chemo caused digestion issues and insomnia. All of the symptoms were noticeably reduced or even completely resolved. Each session was also a much needed time of quietness and relaxation as the stresses of cancer and cancer treatment were heavy and ongoing.

As each session began with a time of discussion, examination and evaluation I always felt heard and well cared for. Not once did I feel rushed or as if there were any hurry to finish up with me and get on to the next patient; in stark contrast to all of my experiences with the conventional medical system. As I could not always anticipate what symptoms might suddenly appear it was so nice to find someone that I could rely on to make me a priority even on short notice. In Johanna I found a true ally in my battle with all my health providers. It would not be an overstatement to say that without Johanna I might not still be alive. I will always be filled with great quantities of gratitude for Johanna’s care and would and do recommend her to anyone that could use improvement in their health and well-being; especially for relief of cancer related issues.